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How do I change my current hosting plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan at any time. Any difference in credit will be handled automatically and a final bill reminder sent to your account email. Once paid, the new hosting plan will be applied and all changes in resources will apply immediately.

To upgrade or downgrade your plan follow these steps:

  1. Login at
  2. Select "My Services" tab
  3. Choose the Web Hosting plan you wish to use and click the "view details" button (located to the right of the subscription)
  4. Scroll down and select "Upgrade/Downgrade"
  5. Choose one of the available plans for your subscription and the billing cycle option
  6. Select "Click to Continue"
  7. Review your order details and payment method
  8. Select "Click to Continue"

Note: You must have an active subscription to complete this process. If you have a suspended subscription you will need to contact our support team.

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